Saturday, 6 September 2014

Tips for Writing a Comment on a Blog.

While trolling the Internet looking for resources for our Te Marae unit I stumbled across this video clip made by a class in the United States. It got me thinking about how  Room 11 needs to improve the quality of our comments. 

Watch the video and think about the improvements you need to make. 

What did you learn? What will you change?

Post a comment discussing the things you already do well and the things you will do now to improve your blog comments.

Now it's time to put your learning into practise, click on the links below and leave a quality comment on at least 3 of the classroom blogs on the list. Your challenge is to try and create a conversation between you and the bloggers. Ask questions or connect their information with the learning we have been doing or your own experiences. Perhaps you could even blog the class that was our inspiration for this learning.

p.s. Blog grades 3, 4, 5 classrooms.


  1. What I learnt about a quality comment?

    I learnt that we should always keep our comments positive not negative. We should have facts in our comment. We should also try and make a connection with the writer on the blog or writers. We need to be specific about what we are saying. We should ask questions at the end of our comment. We should proof read our comment before we post it. We should use only 1 exclamation mark not 1 million others may be a fended by it, they may think your shouting. We should use capital letters and punctuation.

    This is what I learnt what did you learn?

    1. Shayarna, I can see you have been thinking about what a quality blog comment is. Your comment is clear and your readers will benefit from it. Next time you need to check your spelling (i.e. offended) Why do we need to add a question to our blog comment?

  2. What I learned about a quality comment is that you should be positive not negative, you should add or share some facts on a topic that you are learning about,We should be specific on what we are trying to say.We should ask a question at the end of our comment so you know the answer to that question like huskies, how do they survive in the snow or what they eat.We should use punctuation at the end of our comment.We should use some complement when we are commenting on blogs

    1. You have written some great advice Keira and I can see you have thought about what makes a quality comment. Next time you will need to leave a space between the full stops and capital letters at the beginning of a sentence. How could you redraft the first sentence so it flows?

  3. I do well at?
    When I comment I always type positively, use capital letters to start a sentence.
    I need to improve at?
    I need to read my comments at least 2 times before I publish it.
    I need to ask a question at the end of my comment to add detail.
    I need to add more information to my comment.
    I need to use interesting words to make it sound better.
    I need to put in specific compliments to add detail.

    1. Great to see you have read the task carefully and showed us what you do well and what you will improve on Adam. I'm sure you are able to add to your do well list. Why do you need to read your comments at least twice before your publish them?

  4. What I learnt about a quality comment:

    1.We need to edit our writing before publishing it.
    2.Use punctuation correctly.
    3.Write what relates to our learning.
    4.Try to make a conversation with the blogger.
    5.Try to make your writing specific.
    6.Try to make your writing positive not negative.
    7.Try to have lots of information and have lots of details.
    8.Stay on the topic when your writing.
    9.Plan what your going to write on a blog.
    10.Make sure your writing makes sense.

    1. Great to see your learning Aryan, you have crafted it precisely so your readers understand your thinking. Next time read the task carefully. What do you do well when writing a blog comment? What will you do next time to improve your comment?

  5. We have learnt that you should always proofread your comment because it might not make sense and there might be spelling mistakes that you don't know of.You also need to check that you have punctuation in the right place.Remember to always be respectful to other blogger because if you ask them something.They might be offended and won't reply.Say something you know about the subject.

    This is what we noticed.What did you notice? Tips for writing a comment on a blog.

    1. Oceana, you have given your readers sound advice :) To improve your blog comment, you need to add a space in between the full stop and capital letter.

  6. what I need working on to improve my comments is ...
    - Using specific words.
    - I need to double check what I always type.
    - Ask questions when I need help.
    What I'm good at is ...
    Putting down information so others can learn.
    What people may need help with is ...
    - Using interesting words.
    - Starting a conversation with the writer or blogger.
    - Putting capital letters in right places.
    - Using punctuation.
    - Always be factual.
    What I mean by factual is be precise and add lots of detail to your comment.
    - post positive compliments all times because your comment could offend them.
    - Make sure all your sentences make sense.
    What do you need to improve in your comments?

  7. Felicity, you have certainly thought about your learning and given your readers sound advice. You have even taken your thinking further by writing about what other people may find a challenge. I especially like how you have identified that you need to ask questions when you are unsure. It shows you are taking responsibility for your learning.

  8. I am very proud of the comments so far Room 11, you have been very thoughtful about your learning. For those of you who are yet to post your comments after you have made sure they are a quality comment, please make sure you have revisited the task to make sure you understand what it is asking you to do.

  9. What I am good at ...

    Checking that I have spelling mistakes,
    Being positive and respectful to others,
    Being specific about what I'm saying.

    I need to improve on...

    Putting punctuation in the right place
    Asking questions if I get stuck
    Making sure I proofread my comments properly

    I am really working on it, what could you work on?

  10. Kuini-Marnie Te Tomo15 September 2014 at 15:36

    What I am good at...

    1) Using nettique .
    2) Putting punctuation in the right place.
    3) Posting appropriate comments up

    What I need to improve on...

    1) Proof read my comments and making sure it makes sense .
    2) Giving more appropriate advice .
    3) Asking for help when I need it .

    I really enjoy working on this .

  11. what I need to work on is
    -using punctuation in the right places
    -asking for help when I need it
    -making sure my comment makes sense
    what am I good at is
    -sharing facts about what I know

  12. What do I do well?
    I put capital letters in the right places.
    I put punctuation in the right places.
    I put commas in the right places.
    What do I need to work on?
    I need to make sure my comment make sense.
    I need to be specific in my comment by adding words that I don't know.
    I need to re-read the task on the blog.
    I need to re-read my task on the blog.

  13. What I am good at...
    - Proof read my comment out loud before I publish
    - Using specific words to make it interesting
    - Using punctuation

    What I need to improve...
    - Ask a question at the end of my comment
    - Add more detail to make it interesting
    - Make a conversation with the blogger
    - Double check what I write
    What can you make your comment better?.

  14. What I do well?
    I put capital letters in the right places.
    I put fullstops in the right places.
    I proofread my work to make it makes sense .

    What I need to improve on?
    Using punctation in my comments.
    Asking questions if I don't know.
    I need to type more detailed comments.

    What do you need to improve on and what you do well?

  15. What I do well?
    I can be positive when commenting on the blog.
    I try to be specific in my comment.
    I can put punctuation in the right place.
    I can be factual to the writer or blogger.

    What I need to improve on?
    Check for spelling and mistakes
    Make sure it makes sense
    Proof read my comment
    Read it twice before I publish.

  16. What I do well?
    Replying to someone when they need help.
    Adding factual information to the blog.
    Not stealing other people's words.
    I need to be specific but not to specific

    What I need to improve on more?
    Putting commas in the right places.
    Not checking before I publish so it can make sense.
    Putting capital letters in the right places.

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