Tuesday, 12 August 2014

We Play Hard!

Room 11 has been inspired by Patricia Grace and her "Beans" story. You can visit our learning intentions on our writing page. This is just a taster. You will be able to view our other authors on the Authors' Arcade page as we were able to choose how we published our work.

We would love to hear what you think of our presentation and writing. We would also be interested in your view on how we could improve our next piece of writing and presentation.

We have already started reflecting on our learning.

Daytona said, "I didn't have enough time to read some of the slides."

Kuini-Marnie said, " There are spelling mistakes."

Mrs Stuckey said, "I can't read the text because of the colour of the font over the background."

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  1. Hi guys so yeah :)
    Good work room 11 you guyz done good in your blog
    70,00 veiws all from like 4 veiws from almost 10 thousand
    cool blog by the way