Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Getting to Know Room 10

Room 10 is busy applying for our roles and responsibilities this term as a part of our financial literacy programme. We have been busy putting together a CV as a part of the application process. 

We used Tagul word cloud to express who we are, our interests, and our passions. For more click on the image below.


  1. 34,673 views.It has definitely grown since i was a 2014 student.Tumeke!

  2. Hey there Room 10...my old stomping ground...I absolutely love what you have created with Tagul. My class have used the same app for their 'all about me' page.I hope to get it up and running this weekend. I also really like your CV application. So many strengths you offer your classroom. Too hard to chose if I was your teacher. Poor Mrs T!!!
    What job have you got 'banker, personal assistant, security guard or digital agent. I await your reply with butterflies flittering in my tummy.

  3. Hi room 10. Your tagul work is a visual symphony! I hope you don't mind us using your creativity as inspiration for our own attempts in tahirua. We will share our results on our results in our blog once we try out tagul for ourselves. Two questions: Is it easy to use? And about how many words do you recommend using?

  4. Hi Room 10 good luck on your CV application I want to come back to Bankwood Fairfield is sort of boring.
    Mrs T what is the app you used to do the picture as above I just need the name. =D

  5. Hi again. We are starting to use this app thanks to you. Check out our first effort on our blog - tahirua12.blogspot.co.nz