Friday, 27 June 2014

Old ruins

These ruins of a Greek temple are over 2500 years old! Amazing to think people lived here all that time ago. 

How did they put the huge blocks of stone on top of the pillars? Remember these people had no cranes! 


  1. wow that's really cool Mrs T it looks amazing:)

  2. the worlds strongest men put the blocks together and used glue as well

  3. Wow that's so cool, Whaea Piri is so jealous right now.

    I think that a tall and very strong man lifted the stones on top of the pillars. Hope you have lots more fun and hope to seee morepics.

    Miss you heaps.


  4. Hi everyone :) Shayarna and Aryan, you're not too far wrong about strong men lifting the blocks, as the ancient people used to believe that the gods raised them up which we know isn't true. I wonder if you ALL could find out how they really did it? 100 000 points for your thinking Aryan and Shayarna :)

  5. Ohh its sad that Dawnnie is leaving Miss T. I'm not so sure were she's going, but it's sad.

    Thanx for the points too. And today was a movie or art day sooo fun.

    Hope you have lotsa fun.

    Happy Holidays