Sunday, 23 March 2014

Week 8-11

We will be looking at ecosystems in the ocean as a part of our guided reading programme.

Room 11 will be posting comments to show their learning and understanding.

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  1. i think an ecosystem includes living things such as plants,animals and others.

  2. G’day everyone!
    My name is Mikaela, I’m in Australia. I came across your blog and I found it interesting to read about everyone’s Knowledge on Ecosystems. Every animal has a vital role in keeping an ecosystem. For example, in a marine ecosystem if all the seabirds and dolphins go extinct, who is there to eat all the fish and keep the fish from overpopulating? It is a very interesting subject thinking of all the different animals and the roles they play to help the keep the ecosystem balanced. There are many examples of ecosystems: ponds, forests, estuaries, and grasslands are all great examples of ecosystems. Ecosystems keep nature in balance and assist in making sure the world is balanced and that we don’t have overpopulating animals.
    What would happen if we took fish away from the ocean?
    How would it make the ecosystem imbalanced?
    How can we avoid making the ecosystem imbalanced?

    Happy Blogging!

  3. What is in a ecosystem?
    An ecosystem can be very small such as a puddle or a area under a large rock or it can be vast,such as an ocean.
    The balance of an ecosystem is a delicate and disruption such as the introduction of a new element can damage it.

  4. Great to see you are researching Kuini, next time you will need to write your learning in your own words to show your understanding. What do you mean by introducing a new element?

  5. I think that the ecosystem is in danger by all the bigger fishes that are eating the little fishes.l know that if the big
    fishes eat to many little fishes than the little fishes will die than all the shark,whales and all the bigger fishes will starve and than the bigger fishes will die than there will be no more little fish or gigantic fish will be left in the world.

  6. Hey Somi, I love your thinking :) You understand that animals rely on each other in the food chain. I wonder if it is really the big fish eating the little fish that puts the ocean's ecosystem in danger or is it us?

  7. Hello all!

    I love all of your comments. Everyones thoughts and opionions on ecosystems are great and individual. Somi, Its really good how you have thought about all of the fish not just the little ones and the big ones but also the sharks and whales! Keep up the great work everyone!

    Happy Blogging!

    1. Hi Mikaela
      Great to see you've come on our blog come back every now and then we'll have some more lovely work comming up so yeah.

      Happy Blogging :)

  8. Hi Room 11,

    I love your blog. Mrs T certainly has been the best she can be for your class by setting this up. As you know, Room 9 have been learning about a similar science topic. I have a question for you:
    What would happen if the oceans ecosystem collapsed? Would the creatures living there still survive?

  9. there will be no more animals left if the ecosystem collapsed because? there will be no more animals in the ecosystem

  10. Hi Everyone...
    Love the Blog! Love the set up.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your art work, especially with the balloons. :)

  11. Hi Everyone...
    Looked through everything and it an amazing achievement.
    Keep up the great work.